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The following is the typing program we use in Technology:

Other Keyboarding/Typing Practice:

Keyboarding Practice

Click Ren Web link below to access student grades, behavior, and e-mail teacher

Ren Web Parent Link

Accelerated Reading Resources: (links below)

AR Book Find-Click on this link if you are trying to determine if a book is in AR, the AR Book level or the points available for a specific book:

AR Home Connect-Click on this link to get automatic e-mails on your child's progress after every AR test they take. You can access with your childs AR user name and password. User name is usually first and last name. Password is usually the initials of first and last name. Example: child's name: Christine Miller so user name is christinemiller(no caps, no spaces) and password is cm. You have to click Email Setup to receive automatic emails showing your child's test results.

Here is a great link in order to help your child find books of interest that fall in their Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD (Book Range)!

Kids' Book Series

Reading Strategies are listed below that students can use to improve their reading comprehension:

--Who,What, When, Where,Why, How Book Mark to track events in each chapter of their book

--Quick Sketches for the beginning, middle, ending of the book

--Graphic Organizers

--Character, setting, plot report/analysis of their book

--Make an audio recording/video that summarizes each chapter of their book and then playing back to themselves after they have finished the book.

--Look for on-line Study Guide on their book

--Get in a book club with friends/family

I have recommended that students do book clubs and read the same books together so they can then quiz one another and I have asked students who have already read a book to provide a book review that would include writing a few review questions for the next student who reads the book.

NEWSELA Link- Informational Text Site- Leveled Reading Passages- click on the link below and select "I have a newsela account"- get user name and password from your teacher

Book Recommendations Based on RIT Reading Score- Access Books at your child's reading level based on their MAP RIT Scores by clicking on the link and entering their Reading RIT Score provided in the MAP Reports you received at Parent Teacher Conferences.

MAP Math Practice - Access Specific Math Exercises Based on Your Child's MAP RIT Scores in Math by clicking on the link and entering their Math RIT Scores provided in the MAP Reports you received at Parent Teacher Conferences and with Report Cards

Math Resources: (links below)

Access Specific Math Exercises Based on Your Child's MAP RIT Scores in Math by clicking on the link and entering their Math RIT Scores provided in the MAP Reports you will receive at Parent Teacher Conferences and with Report Cards

General Khan Math Practice

Virtual Manipulatives (Base 10 blocks, money, etc.)

national math manipulatives

On-line math practice according to common core standard

softschool math sites

Top Math Game Websites

Top Math Games for Math

Math is fun Games by Subject

mrs. nussbaum math subjects

ixl math

math aids

fun brain math games

factmonster games games

hoodamath games

coolmath games

Math Playground

Addition strategies

on line math games by grade level

Free training tutorial math subjects

Math Fact Fluency : Students must have fluency of addition&subtraction facts 0-10 (36 in 1 1/2 min) by 3rd Trimester of 2nd Grade

Addition and Subtraction timed math drills-print out and submit to your teacher for credit toward Timed Math Tests

printable flash cards

ascend math fluency practice

harcourt school math fact practice

xtramath fact practice

bbc math practice

abcya math facts game

Math Money Practice

abcya money counting money game

aplusmath money flashcards

mrnussbaum cashd

harcourt counting money

Math Base Ten Practice

abcya base ten practice

Math Place Value Practice

abcya place value games

Place Value Interactive Site

Math Word Problems

Videos on Multi step word problem strategies

Math Multiplication and Division

Students must have fluency of 0's, 1's, 2's 5's and 10's (36 in 1 1/2 min) -1st Trimester of 3rd Grade

Multiplication games

Multiplication concentration

Multiplication Matching Game

Multiplication Timed Math Facts-printables

Math Fact Fluency Worksheets

common core worksheets by grade and by standard

dad worksheets

the math worksheet

math drills worksheet

soft school subtraction worksheets

Math Time Practice

Telling time with Star fall

classroom.jc-schools telling time

myclox telling time clockworks telling_time

ictgames hickory

hartcourt telling_time

bbc setting time

mrnussbaum bedtime

Math Elapsed Time Practice

elapsed Time Practice

sheppardsoftware time_elapsed

softschools elapsed_time games

Math Graphs/Geometry

Graph Paper PDF if needed for math homework: 3-8_inch graph paper

Identify 2D/3D Shapes/Figures with Starfall

Pictograph Creator3D Solid Figures and Nets

Ordered Pairs Practice

Identifying Solid Figures


commoncoresheets shapes

commoncoresheets solid figures game identifying shapes-attributes game faces-vertices-edges

Rounding Rap

Find the place value,

Circle that digit,

Then Move to the right and underline it!

0-4, the circle stays the same.

But 5-9, adding ONE is the game.

Now, flex your muscles just like hero, digits to the RIGHT change to zero.

All the other numbers STAY THE SAME,

Yo, yo, you’re a winner in the rounding game!

bobsmathclass higher level math

Language Arts Resources

English Language Arts Sites:

On-line ELA practice according to common core standards

Open Court Second Grade Resources

abcya! grammar

Grammar Games

Fun Grammar Games

Contractions practiceGrammar Lessons and videos


Video to memorize prepositions to tune of Yankee Doodle

slower version of preposition songPrepositional phrases video

60 Word Prepositions Chant

Helping Verbs Song

Verb Resources

Lingking verb songs below

Linking verb song

another Linking verb song

Subject and Predicates


Adjective Resources

AdverbsPlural nouns

Possessive Nouns

Irregular Verbs

Apostrophe with plural and possessive nouns

Their, There, They're Lesson

Possessive Adjectives

Noun resources

Reading Resources

Reading Comprehension Strategies for Parents

See Link for Books that Build Character: Books that Build Character



Grammar and Writing helps

abcya parts_of_ speech nouns and verbs

Spelling Resources

bbc spelling




On-line dictionary

Spelling City

Spelling Games

Spelling Article and hints

Science Resources

Discovery Education


Biography Sites

Geography Practice:

Study sheet for Continents and Oceans: continents and ocean map

Blank Map with labels: Blank Continent & Ocean map

The Continent Poem: Seven Continents





2nd Grade Common Core Skills Practice

On-line Quizzes on Various Topics

weebly fine motor skills computers

Parenting Resources

Focus on the Family Plugged in is great resources to determine if a movie, book, TV show, etc. is appropriate for your child:

Plugged In Reviews





Reading and Spelling Resources

Dyslexia Info

Intervention Strategies for Dyslexia