Classroom Photos

Beach Bound Birthdays:

We sing our Birthday cadence through the halls all day, decorate their seat with a Birthday chair cover and hang a Birthday star above their head for the day. They take home a Birthday Blessing Bag full of candy, treats, prizes and every kid makes a card for them. At the end of the day, we go outside and say a special Birthday prayer over them, sing the Happy Birthday song, enjoy a treat while we go around the table saying what we love about our Birthday Buddy. See photos below from 2018-2019 school year:

Fun in class learning about Magnets, Force, Motion, Friction, and Gravity in Science

Police Appreciation Chapel- Celebrating our Heros by wearing Super Hero costumes

Doing Art and Bible- Moses crosses the red sea

Harvest Spookley Snack Celebration with Edible Plant Parts and the Pumpkin Carving Prayer

Red Ribbon Week Fun - Kicking off with Pep Rally wearing Red, White, Blue for Vote No to Drugs

Field Trip Fun - Lewis Playhouse Theater- October 17th

Spending time with Grandparents- Grandparent's Day October 19th

Lunch with Parents

Friday Fun Day with Miss Josie who came to visit with us!!! We did Art Projects Together!!!

From Fruit of the Spirit Stick Craft to Moses Parting the Red Sea to finishing our Sunset Sailboats!!! Second Grade is full of fun and suprises!!!

Celebrating a visit from Miss Josie!!!

Rounding Rap in Math and our Rapping Lunch Together

Fun learning about Johnny Appleseed and exploring Adjectives with Apples!!

Walk a Path Fundraiser!!!

Police Officer Appreciation Day!!!

We had a chance to ask questions and explore all the different police vehicles. We even got to go inside one!!!

Super Readers visiting Kindergarten to read them stories. We pick 6 students each week to go in pairs to each of the 3 Kindergarten classes to read a book to their Kinder buddies. One child reads the book and the other helps with holding props or acting out the story.

Grace got an Orange Card for writing her own series of Books and picked the Lunch with teacher card. We had fun talking and sharing what we brought to eat for lunch with each other. She shows me her kitty shaped sandwich!!! How fun!!! Jimmy gets Orange card to bring a stuffed pet!!!

Our class dramatization of our weekly Bible Story: Moses and the Ten Plagues

Click on the following link to view the videos:

Bible video that class made: Moses and the 10 plagues

See Students putting our Bible story in sequence order with sentence strips. They work with partners and in cooperative groups. Having fun learning!!!

Learning is fun- working together in cooperative table groups using sentence strips to put our Bible story in sequence order. We also study our spelling words using the Kagan quiz-quiz-trade strategy. Students engage in multisensory learning with full body movement and problem solve with their peers by talking through what they have learned.

Meet Benjamin McCaffrey- the newest addition to our Crew!

Students have been doing a great job working hard and earning Dojo points that they could redeem for Orange privilege cards. Students like Caleb who have earned an Orange card three days in a row, then get a chance to move their clips further up to the Purple Treasure Box on our Class Room Reward system and get a prize from the large treasure box in our class. Students also have earned Orange Privilege cards and at least 4 students had lunch with the teacher on Friday and received an ice cream desert. Others have been able to bring a stuffed animal to class. Grace got an Orange card so she could sit in the teacher's chair. Students are having fun moving around the room and being engaged in cooperative learning. We use the Kagan quiz-quiz-trade strategy for reviewing our spelling words. Kiya and Makayla are engaged in pair reading in one of our cozy corners. We have several cozy corners including our Book Boat. Makeo uses a read to self phone in our Daily 5 lessons(read to self). These tools are perfect for promoting phonemic awareness and improving a student’s focus and attention because they are listening to their own voices and self-monitoring. Dean is using a reader strip with a tinted transparent "window" that helps pop print into view. These strips also help block distractions surrounding targeted words, so eyes are easily guided to the desired print. We use these tools to help strengthen our visual tracking skills. Sometimes students use reading fingers to help with word tracking as we read along in class. We had our first group of Super Sharers (Kiya, Dean, Isaiah) this week who visited Mrs. Barkley's class to share with her Kinders what love means to us and how we show love to others. We will also be having Super Readers visit our Kinder classes and read stories they have written themselves or books to the Kinder students. Some of these students received Free Dress because they parents attended the 8/22 PTF Meeting at 3:30. See our PTF page on my website for dates of future PTF meetings- everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Free daycare is provided and students get a free homework pass to use whenever they want and free dress the next school day. Grace and Jimmy both wrote their own books and will be sharing those with the class. We will be creating a Praise Poster for all the answered prayers we have already seen happen. Baby Brayden(Miss Pepe's baby) got better and was able to go home, Isaiah's mom and sister are 100% healed.

Students look for ways to show love to one another since this Month in Chapel we are learning about the Fruit of the Spirit and the first characteristic of this Fruit is Love. Brayden helps Jimmy put a box of books back into our Classroom Library.

Second Week of 2nd Grade

Jimmy was our tourist of the week and got to take home Miles, our class pet (a stuffed bear) and shared his All About Me poster and Adventures with Miles. We are exploring Forces and Motion in Science and had hands on exploration with magnets and using our matchbox cars to experiment with the concept of Friction using our Friction ramps. We are learning more about each other and how to function as a classroom family. We had several students demonstrate our Weekly Bible verse by confessing their sins to one another and praying for each other so they could have healing from theses powerful and effective prayers. We celebrated with Dean getting a new pair of reading glasses which were really cool and sporty. Several students were able to move their stick up to Orange on our Classroom Behavior Chart and earned an Orange Privilege Card this week. They either earned a specific number of Dojo points for the day or made amazing progress on their own independent behavior goal. Privilege cards include: having lunch with teacher, bringing in stuffed animal, wearing hat for the day, etc... Last week we read the classroom story, "Ant and the Three Little Figs" and enjoyed learning about figs and having Fig Newton Cookies. This week we read "Come Back Jack" and enjoyed a fairy tale story with a giant and instead of eating a Christmas pie in the corner, we had Breakfast Bagels. The entire class did such a great job this week with their practice Map Testing and following our classroom rules/procedures that they all earned a special ice cream treat on Friday.

First Day of 2nd Grade - Meet our Crew!!!!

We had fun making our own Sailor hats and writing about our favorites. We celebrated with Bon Voyage to Summer Party by making Life Saver Doughnuts, throwing around a "Getting to know you" Beach Ball, and sporting our Leis. Each student took home a bag full of goldfish and swedish fish because they are "O-Fish-ally" 2nd graders now!!!!

Each student received a goodie bag and "Ships" Ahoy bag of cookies at Back to School Night!! Thank you parents for stopping in to find out about your child's New Adventure as they Set Sail for 2nd Grade.

Pictures from 2017-2018 Last Year Below

We observed the Butterfly Life Cycle and discussed how it symbolizes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter Classroom ExperienceWe walked through the Passion Week reflecting on how we now have a New Life in Christ!!!!

Christmas Program

Class Birthday Celebrations