MAP Testing Info

Fall Map Testing: August 17th-August 28th

Winter MAP Testing: January 11th-January 22nd

Spring MAP Testing: April 19th-April 30th

MAP Testing links below:

More MAP Mouse Skills Practice below: students need to know how to manipulate computer mouse

Typing Practice

Practice MAP Test click on MAP Growth 2+ do Math, Reading and Language practice Tests - user name: grow password: grow

MAP Math Practice:

Khan Academy Mappers- personalized Math Practice

Khan Academy Practice Exercises Correlated to Student's RIT scores:

MAP Growth Grades K-2 PDF | DOCX

MAP Growth Grades 2-5 PDF | DOCX

MAP Growth Grades 6+ PDF | DOCX

MAP Tools:

Students taking MAP Growth will have embedded universal features in their toolbar, including: digital notepad, eliminate answer choice, line reader, highlighter, protractor, ruler, and zoom. Click here to watch a video demonstrating the new toolbar.

MAP Parent Resources