Classroom Management

Mission Statement:

Our classroom is designed to prepare students for their journey to academic success. My goal is to teach students how to navigate this course with Christ-like character, respect and responsibility through a positive and encouraging learning environment. In addition to reaching our final destination of academic excellence, we are collectively committed to being productive classroom citizens who exhibit self control and are eager to use our creative talents and abilities to solve problems, bless others and make valuable contributions to the world around us.

Classroom Management Plan:

I believe that students need a structured learning environment that affords flexibility in meeting the individual needs and differences of every student. The learning environment needs to be strategic, structured, safe and organized. As such, I have a classroom management plan with clearly defined boundaries, rules, procedures and consequences so students can learn self control and eventually be self directing. Such structure allows students to feel safe and secure so they can freely express themselves while respecting those around them. I firmly believe that educational growth occurs when students are actively engaged in collaborating with one another and I am in favor of letting them be a part of managing their own behavior and setting their own goals. I want my students and parents to be cooperatively working together with me to create a positive and safe learning environment that will help each student feel valued, engaged and interested so they are positioned to do their own personal best.

Ship Shape Rules:

The rules in our classroom will be designed to prevent misbehavior, foster independence, respect and responsibility. They will be administered fairly and consistently. After collaboration with the students on our rules, procedures, routines and consequences, I am hopeful that we will have a set of rules that will be similar to the following:

Rule #1: Be respectful and honest

Rule #2: Be prepared

Rule #3: Be kind with your words and actions

Rule #4: Be on task and do your personal best

Rule #5: Follow classroom procedures

Classroom Procedures:

-Entering and Exiting the Classroom

-Morning Routine

-Getting drinks and using the bathroom

-Handling emergencies and/or fire drills

-Asking a question or making a comment

-When I receive a phone call on the class phone

-When a guest enters the room

-When work is completed

-Transitioning to different activities in the classroom and around the school

-When a student is absent

Positive Rewards:

Free and Frequent: I will greet students with a smile and praise them for their efforts and tell them how much I appreciate how they are working or what they have accomplished. I will be careful to communicate my appreciation for each student in a meaningful, genuine, and personal manner. In addition to verbal praise and recognition, I will give non-verbal acknowledgments such as high fives, thumbs up and pats on the back.

Intermittent: Candy, Stickers, Prizes- I plan to have a classroom prize box and welcome parent donations. Notes home to parents, Home work passes, and Lunch with teacher. There will be opportunities everyday for students to earn stamps on their passport cards and when they have accumulated enough stamps to fill their stamp card, they can exchange it for a prize out of the prize box.

Entire Class Rewards: Free time, Classroom parties/celebrations, Movie- We will keep a marble jar in our room and any time I observe classroom behavior that deserves recognition, I will be dropping marbles in our marble jar and when the class has accumulated enough marbles to fill the jar, they will receive a classroom party.

Negative Consequences

I will be sure to address consequences as an opportunity for the student to correct their behavior or make better choices rather than seeking punishment. The procedure will be as follows:

The severity of some situations may result in a faster progression in the Ship's Flag System.

All students will begin their day with their clip on the Green Ready to Set Sail Flag

1st time a rule is broken, student will receive a verbal warning with redirection

2nd time a rule is broken, student will be asked to move their clip to the Yellow Rough Seas Flag- 5 minutes of free play recess time will be spent doing an alternative activity so student can reconsider their behavior choices

3rd time a rule is broken, student will be asked to move their clip to the Red Ship Wreck Flag- 10 minutes of free play recess time will be spent doing an alternative activity so they can reflect on and correct their actions.

4th time a rule is broken, student will be asked to move their clip to the Blue Man Overboard Flag- 15 minutes of free play recess time will be spent writing about a better course of action and a behavior ticket which is a written note will go home to parents.

5th time a rule is broken, student will be Removed from travel and be put on the No Fly List wherein they will be referred to Administration for disciplinary action.

Please note that Behavioral re-routes are allowed and encouraged in our classroom. At any point in the course of our daily voyage, the student has the opportunity to move their clip back based on improved behavior. Students also have the ability to earn free homework passes and prizes from our classroom treasure box when they move their clips up to the Orange Smooth Sailing or Purple Treasure Island Flag for outstanding behavior.

Intervention Procedures to Prevent Misbehavior:

I will have a private teacher to student discussion so I can focus on the individual needs of that student and build a personal relationship with the student to better understand the reason for their actions and help them to engage in problem solving strategies or techniques so they have some accountability for their own behavior management. My other strategy for preventing misbehavior is to address behavior issues promptly and to remind students that this is their classroom. They were a part of creating the classroom management plan and agreed to the clearly articulated expectations and consequences. Additionally, I will attempt to be proactive and look for misbehavior triggers and try to avoid them. Many times misbehavior results when students are not engaged so I will make every attempt to be enthusiastic and keep the class motivated and actively

engaged in the learning process.