Check out Announcements page and a recap of our Activities so far this year. Some pictures posted below and others on classroom photos page of this website and others in Class Dojo.

Homework Policy:

The purpose of our Homework assignments is to reinforce concepts taught in class and to encourage academic growth. Homework should never exceed more than 45 minutes a night. Please contact me if accommodations/adjustments need to be made. Homework will be assigned nightly Monday-Thursday and is due the following day unless the teacher gives other instructions. Students are responsible for following the weekly homework outline that comes home on the first day of the school week. Please remind your child to complete and return homework daily as it is a part of their final grade. Weekly assignments and homework will be graded and returned at the beginning of the following school week. All weekly homework assignments will be posted and updated weekly on this wiki page.

Bible Verses for the Entire Year- numbered by the Week of School we are in- click on link below:


See Google Classroom Link for Daily/Weekly Assignments

Spelling Activity Choice Forms- download what you need:

Spelling Choice Form Pyramid words

Spelling Choice Form Pyramind writing option 2

Spelling Choice Form Consonant Circles

Spelling Choice Form Fancy Letters

Spelling Choice Form Rainbow writing

Pictures above of our Rounding Rap Celebration- when every student in our class could recite The Rounding Rap: Find the Place Value, Circle that digit, move to the right and underline it, 0-4 circle stays the same, 5-9 adding 1 is the game. Now flex your muscles like a hero, digits to the right change to zero. All the other numbers stay the same. Yo Yo Yo- your the winner of the rounding game!!! Reveal!!