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Projects for 2019-2020: Scroll to bottom of page for pictures of Past Projects

Due Date of 3/24/20 has been extended to 4/20/20

Cereal Box Biography Book Report- assigned 2/24 and now due 4/20(extension from prior 3/24 due date)

Cereal Box Biography Book Report Project Instructions- scroll to bottom of page for examples and pictures of last year's Cereal Box reports.

Report forms- a white rough draft copy of the forms was attached to Project instructions that were sent home on 2/24. Students can access additional copies of the forms by clicking on the Report Forms link. You may print these forms out in any color you wish and attach to your cereal box. You can either draw or print out a picture of your famous person for the front of the boxes. You can still dress up and/or do a pop through poster of your famous person for extra credit when you send me the 1 minute video presentation of your report. Please submit pictures of your finished project and a one minute video of your summarizing your famous person report.

January-February: Dinosaur/Fossil/Rock Report

Students did an amazing job!!!

November: Election Speech/Poster Report

Outstanding work by our kiddos!!!

October: Pumpkin Character Book Reports looked great!!! Students write book reports that summarize and analyze the characters, setting, and plot of the books they have recently read.

Stand by for pictures of these wonderful creations or come into our classroom and check them out on our Class Bulletin Board- Mrs. Cassaro's Patch of Perfect Pumpkins!!!

August-September: Timeline Project- Celebrating the value and uniqueness of every student- God created you with a purpose and a plan. You are wonderfully made!!!

Storyboard Timeline Projects look amazing and presentations are currently underway. Stand by for pictures of these amazing projects.

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Past Pumpkin Character Book Reports Projects

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Pictures of Past Timeline Projects :

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Past Cereal Box Biography Book Report Projects

Past Election Campaign and Speech Projects

Past Pumpkin Character Book Report Projects

Past pumpkin book reports:

Past Storyboard Timeline Projects