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January-February: Dinosaur/Fossil/Rock Report

Dinosaur Assignment List for Class

Photo of finished Dino Project

Photo of finished Dino project

Dinosaur picture stationary

Dinosaur color border stationary

Dino Diet Form

Designed by God Form

Where my Dino lived form

The Comprehensive Details re: Dinosaur Report and writing templates/forms with the information packet that has initial research on your specific dinosaur will come home the week of January 6th. The Final Report is due no later than Wednesday, January 22nd, but students are encouraged to turn in completed reports early. All reports need to be turned in no later than Wednesday, January 22nd so they can be displayed at Monday's Preview/Open House on January 27th.

You may type your Dinosaur report, but if you do that you must also submit a handwritten copy of your report. The following is what needs to be included in your final Dinosaur report (3-4 Vertical Pages including the Dino Diet sheet) describing information about your dinosaur as listed out in the 4 paragraphs below and the 2 Horizontal Pages(Where my Dinosaur Lived and Designed by God):

-The first page of your report should have an introduction paragraph under a color picture of your dinosaur describing:

    • Your assigned Dinosaur’s name, what the name means, and how it is pronounced, who discovered it
    • The continent(s) where the Dinosaur’s fossils have been discovered
    • Detailed description of the Dinosaur’s physical appearance (size, height, weight, color, body shape, tail shape, feathers, etc.) Please use lots of descriptive adjectives.

-Please complete the Dino Diet Sheet provided as your 2nd page and be sure to include the following information:

· Eating habits (was it a herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, hunter or scavenger.) Be sure to discuss whether it had flat or sharp teeth and why that is important to eating habits. Also, indicate any evidence scientist have found to support these facts such as fossil remains of other dinosaurs with your dinosaurs teeth marks in them. You can include information about gastroliths showing how the large plant eating dinosaurs digested their food.

-The third page should contain a paragraph describing:

· Behavioral traits (how it walked, climbed, hunted, hid, whether it walked on two legs or four, whether it was fast or slow moving, if it swam, flew, if it traveled alone or in herds, what natural enemies/dangers did it face, what means did it have to protect itself, etc)

-The third page/fourth page should also contain a final conclusion paragraph about your Dinosaur:

· This could include the most interesting fact that you learned or what you liked most about your Dinosaur and why. You could include something most people don't know about your dinosaur or something people think about your dinosaur that is a myth and not true.

-Please color, complete, and include the 2 Horizontal Pages that I included with the Dinosaur Report:

· Where my Dinosaur Lived -students should mark with an x the location of the continent(s) where their dinosaur lived and color in the globe and label the seven continents and the oceans.

· Designed by God sheet is where you can post various pictures of your dinosaur. These can be pictures of the entire dinosaur or just pictures of specific parts of the dinosaur that are unique/interesting such as their spikes, plates, horns, claws, tails, etc.

If you have any questions at all, please ask and I can look at any attempted rough drafts at any time.

November: Election Speech/Poster Report

Election Offices that Students Signed up for:

President: Aubrie, Victor, Ben, Ceci

Governor: Annabella, Josiah, Nathaniel

Mayor: Nicholas, Vicente, Chad, Ryan, Madden

Judge: Ayana, Sapphire, Madison, Avery

(Judges can be either National(Supreme Court), State(State Judge), or City(Municipal Judge)

Election Project was assigned on 10/22 and Hardcopies of Project instructions were sent out with blue cover sheet along with Project Outline/checklist, etc. However, I have also attached an on-line version below as well. Just click on the following link:

Students will be writing a persuasive speech and creating a campaign poster to get the voters to vote for them in the office they are running for- either President, Governor, Mayor or Judge. The written speech should contain at least 8 sentences. They need an introduction where they greet the audience, state their name, the office they are running for, what the office does, their slogan/Motto and ask for the Vote. They then state three things they are going to do if elected and have at least 2-3 sentences explaining how they are going to do each of those things and maybe why they think what they are proposing will help either the (Country, State, City- depending on what office they are running for). Judges can choose either city, state or federal-Supreme Court Level). They conclude by reminding the audience to vote for them and re-state their motto/slogan. When they present they can dress the part if they would like, but not required to. They don’t have free dress those days so they will need to bring their outfit to change into or put over their uniform clothes. They may also distribute campaign items as long as they bring enough for whole class- our total is 16). This also is not required. All speeches/posters are due Tuesday 11/13 and students will start presenting that day. I will record their presentations and send to parents. We will have our Mock Election and vote by the end of that week. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.

Click link below for more information about the breakdown of each Office and the levels of government they impact (Federal, State, Local) or the Branch of government- either Executive (President, Governor, Mayor) or Judiciary (Judges)- we are not getting into offices for the Legislative Branch.

Election Project Outline of Offices

October: Pumpkin Character Book Reports looked great!!! Students write book reports that summarize and analyze the characters, setting, and plot of the books they have recently read.

Stand by for pictures of these wonderful creations or come into our classroom and check them out on our Class Bulletin Board- Mrs. Cassaro's Patch of Perfect Pumpkins!!!

August-September: Timeline Project- Celebrating the value and uniqueness of every student- God created you with a purpose and a plan. You are wonderfully made!!!

Storyboard Timeline Projects look amazing and presentations are currently underway. Stand by for pictures of these amazing projects.

Upcoming Projects this year:

March-April: Cereal Box Biography Book Report

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