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August-September: Timeline Project

Storyboard Timeline Project assigned 8/19/19 and due Tuesday, 9/10/19 click on links below for guidelines. Scroll to the bottom of this page for pictures/examples of past projects.

Storyboard Timeline Project Instructions

Storyboard Timeline Project

Storyboard Timeline Rubric

Video about Timelines

Example of a Timeline go to page 8 of slide show to see layout

Video on what is a timeline

How to make a timeline

Take a timeline quiz: Timeline quiz

Events to record in your life

Ideas for timelines

Timelines are graphic representations of the chronology of events in time. A timeline is a graph of events in the order they happened. Listing events in the order they happened is also called chronological order. They display information in visual form and allows someone to be more actively engaged in learning the sequence of events in history. Timelines are an easy way to see when things happened and which event happened first. If it is drawn horizontally, or across/side-to-side, you would read it from left to right just like you do a book. If it is drawn vertically, or up and down, you would read the events from top to bottom. Timelines can appear visually less complex than pure text and be used as a tool for reading comprehension and for organization in writing summaries.

"Think about the important events in your life over the years, and you can each make a timeline." Each student can begin with their date of birth and then make a list of the subsequent years of their lives, with at least one important event for each year.

Visit the ReadWriteThink website to try the interactive timeline tool.

October: Pumpkin Character Book Report or Flat Stanley Report

November: Election Speech/Poster Report

January-February: Dinosaur/Fossil/Rock Report

March-April: Cereal Box Biography Book Report

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